Turbocharged Performance LLC, was founded in 2014, by its owner, Taylor Block. We currently work in a 10,800 square foot building in Sibley, IA, at the corner of HWY 60 and HWY 9. The addiction started back in 2011 when he got his 06 Duramax. If you are related to the diesel industry, whether you own a diesel pickup or work at a diesel shop, you have experienced what it’s like to want more power. Taylor worked at a few repairs shop before starting his own business, but none of them could cater to his inclination towards diesel performance. He wanted better results, better products and better prices. Doing very little research online, you can find a lot of manufactures producing parts for the aftermarket diesel industry, but knowing which one to go with is tough. Pictures and advertising are great, but that doesn’t mean that part is going to fit and last the way it should. With plenty of installs and experiences under our belt, we can easily provide you with a sense of direction of what to do to your diesel pickups and which parts to use.